"Collision, Part Two"
Red Robin 10
Red Robin #10
March 10, 2010
Written by Christopher Yost
Cover by Marcus To, Ray McCarthy
Pencilled by Marcus To
Inked by Ray McCarthy
Colored by Guy Major
Lettering by Sal Cipriano
Edited by Janelle Siegel, Mike Marts
Previous Issue Batgirl #8
Next Issue Red Robin #11
Tim: "Holy crap. Steph just took apart Prudence, a trained member of the League , like she was nothing. No, not Steph. Batgirl."

The Red Robin/Batgirl crossover continues as Ra’s al Ghul targets everyone in Bruce Wayne’s “family” for death – and only Red Robin and Batgirl can stop it. Except Batgirl’s not so sure about Tim these days...especially once he starts working with one of Ra’s’ own assassins. Plus, Ra’s al Ghul vs. Hush! Vicki Vale vs. Alfred! And Tam Fox continues her search only to run into even more trouble. Continued from this month’s Batgirl # 8!

Summary of Stephness: Tim's assassin friend Prudence appeared, sticking a gun in Steph's face and declaring she had been sent to kill her. Tim freaked out, thinking internally that he should have stopped Steph from day one on the vigilante thing, but his emotions clouded him, that he should never have trusted Prudence, that he didn't have time to save Stephanie, and that his weakness had just killed her. However, he was proven wrong about everything when Steph kicked the gun from Prudence's hand and beat her to a pulp. Tim was stunned Steph had taken out a member of the League so casually, then thought, "Not Steph. Batgirl."

The gun wasn't loaded and it turned out Prudence really was on their side, but once Stephanie found out Tim had been working for the League, she ripped into him. She admonished him for not trusting her, for working with criminals, for kicking her in the stomach earlier, for leaving Gotham, and admitted she had been really worried about him. To her astonishment,Tim told her she was right. He told her they had both made mistakes, but now they had a second chance and could do things right. He told her he needed her help to save the people they love. Steph accepted Tim's hand, saying, "Okay, now I really don't know who you are."

They went to Tim's base, but Steph discovered a bomb. Tim used one of his booby traps to drop them out of blast range, only then they were faced by a cadre of assassins.

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