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Red Robin: Collision Edit

Trade Paperback (Out of Print)

Collects: Red Robin #6-8, Red Robin #9, Red Robin #10, Red Robin #11, Red Robin #12 and Batgirl #8.

Written by Christopher Yost and Bryan Q. Miller

Art by Marcus To and Ray McCarthy

Cover by Marcus To

Homecoming Hero

Since the apparent death of the Dark Knight, Tim Drake has been consumed with the idea that Bruce Wayne is alive, but where - and when - remains a mystery.

Forming an allegiance with Ra's al Ghul provides Red Robin with invaluable resources in his quest, but being associated with the world's most notorious terrorist has serious consequences.

Can Red Robin maintain his mentor's ideals while working with his deadliest enemy? Tim's old friends aren't so sure when he returns to Gotham with a league of trained killers in tow - and a collision with Batgirl can't be avoided!

Writer Chris Yost (Batman: Streets of Gotham) and artist Marcus To (Soulfire) bring you Tim Drake's latest adventures, including the incredible crossover between Red Robin and Batgirl.

Softcover, 192 pages, full color. Cover price $19.99.

September 2010

Steph appears extensively in this crossover collection.

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