Prudence is a former member of Ra's Al Ghul's League of Asassins who befriended Tim Drake after he saved her life. She interrupted a moment between Stephanie and Tim, declaring that she had been sent to kill Stephanie Brown by Ra's and sticking a gun in Steph's face. Tim panicked, thinking he would be unable to save Stephanie, but it turns out his services were not needed, as Stephanie kicked the gun out of Prudence's hand and beat her to a pulp.

Tim was stunned Steph had taken down a member of the League like she was nothing. He felt that Prudence's gun was unloaded. It turned out Prudence was still on their side, but she had been trying to scare/humiliate Stephanie. When Steph yelled at Tim for working with the League, an irritable Prudence asked, "Does she ever shut up?" while pinching her bleeding nose, but Tim and Steph ignored her. The three of them went back to Tim's base. They barely escaped a bomb set by Ra's, only to be confronted by several assassins.

Batgirl (third series) (8)- Red Robin (10).