Or rather, commissions without permission! Any artwork about Stephanie publicly available on the Internet done by professional artists. If it's someone's commission, ask permission and put it in the commissions section, but if the artist themselves made it publicly available, or it's already in a general image section devoted to Steph, you can put it here.

I found most of these thanks to, a great collection of comic art!

Eric Basaldua

Joe Benitez

Norm Breyfogle

Eric Canete

Danielle Corsetto

Mike Choi

Ale Garza

Sanford Greene

Phil Jiminez

Ryan Kinnard

Aaron Lopresti

Lauren Montgomery

Todd Nauck

Jason Pearson

Joe Pekar

Joe Phillips

Gordon Purcell

Humberto Ramos

Al Rio

Craig Rosseau

Micheal Ryan

Damion Scott

Jon Sommativa

Dean Summers

Jeremy Treece

Dean Trippe

Pete Woods