Steph saw Newton Flitwik, running through the hall and panicking. Outside Newton is being chased and surrounded by mysterious cloaked figures. They are telling him to “pay the toll” and “join or die,” as Newton grasps something tightly round his neck, terrified until Batgirl shows up. She hones her detective skills by at least guessing each of the clocked figures’ majors based on what they are quoting, until Oracle chimes in for the first time in a long while. Sa strange man in costume calling himself the “Grey Ghost” shows up, claiming to be there to “help” Batgirl out. Oracle does a voiceprint on him and discovers that it is Johnny C or Clancy Johnson, the same guy Steph stopped from bombing a train (he was released from prison due to mental instability). He disappears in a flash of bright light, telling Steph that they will meet again. Shaking off that strange moment, Steph gets Babs to track where Newton is via satellite. Newton is found at the other side of campus, still clutching the flash drive tightly round his neck. The cloaked figures demand that he give them what they want but Newton holds his ground. The cloaked figures kill him cold blood.

The next morning Detective Gage is examining his records, trying to shake out the mystery surrounding his death. A police officer suggests suicide but Gage knows better. Barbara decides to give Gage a bit of a hint by letting him know that there were “guys in robes” involved. Gage decides to investigate further just as his crew finds a blood-covered batarang. Clearly, the Order of the Scythe planted it.

Laters, Steph is answering the batsignal when Oracle suddenly demands that Steph returns to home base but Steph is confused as to why, until the Gotham City Police Department corners her on a rooftop, telling her she is under arrest for the murder of Newton Flitwik. The Order's frameup worked!