October 28

An interview with Sterling Gates is up on Newsarama about the World's Finest miniseries, and he has lots of good things to say about Steph and her upcoming team up with Kara!

Interview here

I love Stephanie Brown a lot. Since I learned that she was going to be Batgirl, I’ve been dying for her and Supergirl to team up.

Stephanie and Kara have had tough lives as super-heroines, and I thought they’d get along really, really well. They both look as they leap, rather than exercising a lot of caution or analyzation. They’re both trying to live up to the families that have accepted them. And the pair of them really hit it off. Two old friends who didn’t know they were friends yet. Through Issue #3 – and even through some of #4 – you see their relationship and their friendship blossom.

Sounds like Gates has a lot of passion for the character- and considering he's the guy who turned Supergirl from a complete mess to a strong superhero (well, okay, he had some help from Tony Bedard and Kelley Puckett, but he's the one who really made it stick) that can only mean a great ride for Steph. AND it looks like she'll be playing a role in issue #4 of the mini as well as #3!

October 16

Batgirl #6 solicit up:

Written by Bryan Q. Miller
Art by Lee Garbett & Trevor Scott
Cover by Phil Noto
In “Core Requirements” part 2, Stephanie Brown finds herself teamed up with Damian Wayne! The new Batgirl and the new Robin must enter an area of Gotham City known to Gothamites as Devil’s Square, but to the residents, it’s called “Thunderdome”! Their mission: to save innocent civilians from being used in a real-life game of life and death!
On sale January 13 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US

Also a new interview by Bryan Q. Miller here. No Cass in the title anytime soon it seems. That's a total bummer. :(

October 15

Batgirl #3 came out yesterday. Here are some scans. Must...not...look...

October 12

A preview of Batgirl #3 at the Source is up! See it here!

October 7

The DC Source has two Steph related posts up!

The first one is just Ian Sattler being excited about Bryan Q. Miller and an upcoming Batgirl arc. And there are waffles.

The second unveils the cover art for Batgirl #6. Steph vs Damien!