November 27

Pages from The Web #3 are now available.

November 24

A preview of "The Web #3" is up and it has Steph kicking ass and taking names in it! [Here at Newsarama.]

November 18

Lee Garbett has updated his blog with a cool page form Batgirl #5!

November 16

Steph solicits are up! First, we have Batgirl #7:

On Sale February 10 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US<r> Written by Bryan Q. Miller • Art by Lee Garbett & Trevor Scott • cover by Phil Noto The situation is dire as Batgirl and Robin must venture into Devil’s Square in an attempt to save Batman before Roulette’s "most dangerous game" turns deadly. Guest-starring Dr. Phosphorus, Roxy Rocket and Riot, and more!

Also, the Steph action figure has been solicited! See the information here: Action figures.

November 11

Batgirl #4 comes out today (see scans here) AND the Batgirl #7 cover art is now available at The Source along with some words about Steph by Bryan Miller. Roxy Rocket FTW!

November 10

A new interview with Bryan Q. Miller is out on MTV Splash page as well as a preview for Batgirl #4! Here's the interview and here's the preview for those too lazy to click it themselves.

Here's some of what Miller has to say about Steph:

"Before Stephanie became Batgirl, she definitely had a checkered past and not the highest success rate of being a hero," said Miller. "The whole world before this comic is saying, 'Stop doing what you're doing. We don't want you doing it.' But Stephanie didn't listen, because she's stubborn in the best kind of way."