"War Games: Act 2, Part 3: Clarification"
Nightwing -97 (Hunter Rose - DCP) pg00
Nightwing #97
September 8, 2004
Written by Devin Grayson
Cover by Scott McDaniel
Pencilled by Mike Lilly
Inked by Andy Owens
Colored by Gregory Wright
Lettering by Rob Leigh
Edited by Michael Wright
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Scarface and Penguin each make a power play, but who'll come out on top? And the tantalizing Tarantula joins the Bat-team, to the disbelief of Dick Grayson's former lover, Oracle!

Summary of Stephness: As the mysterious torturer continues to be disgustingly banal in their evil, Steph is staying with Holly and Karon. She sees a box of matches in the kitchen, and horrified by the reminder of her mistake, she escapes.

Other Formats/Collected In:
Digital Comic Book
Batman: War Games – Tides (Vol. 2) TPB
Batman: War Games, Book Two TPB

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