Stephanie first meets Newton when he bumps into her and Kara Zor-El running around Gotham U campus. Distraught that the college is going to cancel the funding for his project and he'll have to go back to the disgrace of bing a TA, the science major flicks on his machine in a fit of desperation, accidentally releasing Dracula's from the nearby 3D Movie Steph and Kara are attending.

Outside the theatre, Supergirl is attempting to hold off one of the vampires, and Steph finally swoops in and demobilizes it with a batarang. Newton comes to survey what happened. He explains to the girls that his lab had been working on a project that could generate “hard light,” like a force field, and when the lab overloaded, the theatre took the brunt of the blast. He explains that although the theatre was only exposed for a second, there are twenty-four frames per second in film so therefore they need to get rid for twenty-four Draculas. He gives the girls sticks they'll have to stab into the Dracula's to destabilize them. When Steph calls them stakes, he accuses her of going all "nerd" on it, despite his earlier nerdy technobabble.

The Dracula situation is resolved, and a while after, Steph is working on her study group when she sees Newton running through the hall and yellling for help. Outside Newton is being chased and surrounded by mysterious cloaked figures. They are telling him to “pay the toll” and “join or die,” as Newton grasps something tightly round his neck, terrified until Batgirl shows up. He runs when Steph tells him to. Unfortunately for him, Johnny C. shows up to "help" Steph, and inadvertantly helps the cloaked figures make their escape. Steph gets Babs to track where Newton is via satellite. Newton is found at the other side of campus, still clutching the flash drive tightly round his neck. The cloaked figures demand that he give them what they want but Newton holds his ground. The cloaked figures kill in in cold blood.

The next morning Detective Gage is examining his records, trying to shake out the mystery surrounding his death. A police officer suggests suicide but Gage knows better. Barbara decides to give Gage a bit of a hint by letting him know that there were “guys in robes” involved. Gage decides to investigate further just as his crew finds a blood-covered batarang the cloaked figures, aka Order of the Scythe obviously left to frame Steph.

The news figures Newton, who turns out to be the sone of a former cop, committed suicide due to "college stress", but Steph knows better. She blames herself forn Newton's death. So she goes out to answer the Batsignal, only to find the police waiting for her and telling her she's under arrest for the murder of Newton Flitwik.