Newsarama interviews Frank Tieri about Batman and the Outsiders'

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Frank Tieri: So with that in mind, yeah, Batman & The Outsiders # 13 sees a few other familiar Bat characters pop up. Man-Bat, for one, will play a very important role in this arc -- and fans can also expect Spoiler and Riddler to make appearances, as well.

IGN Interviews Tony Daniel about Battle of the Cowl

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IGN Comics: Other than the central premise of Batman's closest allies vying for the chance to fulfill Batman's legacy, how much of a sequel will this be to RIP? Will you be dealing with any of the villainous characters or even the themes of RIP in the Cowl story?

Daniel: One thing that you'll see is that Dick finds it necessary to call in for help, and we hit the ground running with issue one and see who he's enlisted. I'm calling them the "Network" and they consist of people like Wildcat, who trained Bruce in his early days and also Batgirl. We'll see characters like Huntress, Oracle and Black Canary. Lynx, Spoiler, Man-bat, Catwoman and others too. Robin suggests they also bring in the Squire and the Knight to help, so a couple of the League of Heroes are involved, and they've been fun to include in this. So it's not a sequel, but some of the elements of RIP, character-wise, we'll see. And obviously, with Bruce being gone, we have RIP undercurrent rippling through.

(Steph never appears in this miniseries because of tie in conflicts.)