May 30th

It looks like Stephanie will be a regular in the new Batgirl series launching in August, according to DC's board in an IGN interview. Whether she IS the new Batgirl is another story...(I'm personally hoping for it to be Cass, with Steph as a major player)...though it should be noted she's at the top of the row, where most of the main characters appear in the rows for other titles. See the board here

May 28th

Gotham Gazette: Batman Alive? came out today. See some scans from Steph's bit here.

Oh, also the Robin: The Teen Wonder TPB came out.

May 22nd

Tony Daniel revealed why Spoiler wasn't in BotC in his blog. Thanks to Beam77 for pointing it out!

From Tony's blog, thanks to Beam77

Beam77: BFTC was a good story. I have a question though. Why wasn't Spoiler in the story? You said in an earlier interview that she was. Did you change your mind? She was also on the second issue cover.

Tony Daniel: Because of the tie-in planning, I was asked to leave her out so someone else could use her. I'm not sure what happened after that. I like Spoiler. I was able to fill the void with Squire though.

May 20th

DC lied. Stephanie doesn't appear in Battle for the Cowl at all. Not even a cameo. She will definitely be in Gotham Gazette next week though, so look out for that.

May 1

In a preview for Battle for the Cowl: The Network #1, Stephanie's picture appears among those in the Network. I don't know if she'll actually be in this ish, it's a possibility though.

See it here