Mary Borsellino is truly Stephanie Brown's hero. She has many Steph-related accomplishments under her belt. She founded Girl Wonder, an activist website working for better treatment of female characters in comics. Girl Wonder's first major activist effort was a letter campaign protesting the treatment of Stephanie Brown at the time of her death. This was Mary's doing. The campaign succeeded, Stephanie was resurrected and given a memorial case.

Borsellino also wrote the insightful academic paper "A lot like Robin if you close your eyes." Displacement of meaning in the Post-Modern Age." which analyzed Steph's depiction as a female Robin and what it meant to modern pop-culture.

Borsellino founded the late Even Robins, a website devoted to Jason, Stephanie, and animated Tim Drake. The website held a conucopia of Steph information, interviews, commissions, covers, and a thriving fanfic and fanart community. Sadly the site is gone, but a lot of the information and art was saved and reused in this very wiki.

She also published the zine Boy and Girl Wonders: Robin in a Cultural Context which examines the cultural impact of all the Robins, including Stephanie. Available for purchase here with proceeds going to charity.

Mary has a livejournal where she often talks about Boy and Girl Wonders. See it here. Her youtube account is available here.

In addition to all this, Mary has made two wonderful music video tributes with Stephanie in them.


Sandalwood.jpg A tribute to Stephanie and Cassandra's friendship:"Sandalwood"
By monkeycrackmary

Oppeterpan A video about Tim and Cass and Kon and Steph! Operation Peter Pan
by monkeycrackmary