March 31st

A zine is being published called Boy and Girl Wonders: Robin in a cultural context. It is described as "Boy and Girl Wonders: Robin in Cultural Context examines the storytelling traditions which came together to create Robin, and those pop figures which appeared in the years following Robin's heyday. Through this exploration, the appeal Robin holds for disenfranchised audience groups becomes clear, as does the impact which these groups have had on the character's evolution.

Obviously from the title (and the cover!) the Zine would include an exploration of Stephanie as Robin as well. Information and the cover is available here as well as a link where you can order the zine (or download it for five dollars).

Added to Fandom!

March 3rd

Gotham Gazette: Batman Dead? came out today, with a five page vignette on Steph. Here are the scans. Sadly, scans_daily has been suspended, so no more linking to that particular source.