March 26: Good Lord! That bird just died!

Chuck Dixon talks Spoiler in an interview at CBR and reviews that she has a limited series coming up and will stay on as a regular in Robin.

Interview available here

March 19: Those birds are getting sore throats

Robin # 172. Behold, for this scan contains Spoiler...


It looks like I have some updating to do to the appearances section for sure now...and many others...:)

March 15: And then, birds sang and there was rejoicing in the streets


ROBIN/SPOILER SPECIAL #1 Written by Chuck Dixon Art by Rafael Albuquerque and Victor Ibáñez Cover by Albuquerque and Cris Peter From the rooftops in Robin to Gotham Underground, Spoiler’s identity has remained a mystery — until now. All is revealed in this special when Robin and Spoiler team up to take down a kidnapping ring, hit up an illegal warehouse party and finish Tim’s algebra homework; just another day in the life of a teenaged vigilante super-hero! Plus, even more Robin doesn’t know: Spoiler’s secret identity in another country, in another life - one she can never leave behind. On sale June 4 • 48 pg, FC, $3.99 US


March 13

The mysterious person in the Spoiler costume continued to make an appearance in Gotham Underground issue # 7 released yesterday. Nothing was revealed about the person in the Spoiler costume's identity, but she continues to work for the Penguin. Even more interestingly, Leslie Thompkins made an appearance at the end of this issue. Spoiler and Leslie Thompkins appearing in the same plotline is certainly interesting. Scans are forthcoming: