She's fast! Faster than me. Damn, I'm rusty. Whatever. I'm SMARTER. And a whole lot more willing to fight dirty than I ever used to be!-Stephanie Brown about Lynx II


Lynx II took up her identity after the original Lynx died. She debuted post Steph's return and is an agent for the Golden Dragons, a gang in Gotham. Who she is is unknown, but she's an Asian girl.

Spoiler tangled with Lynx II in Robin #181. The gangs called the Sirens and Blackgaters wanted a truce between Gotham's gangs, but Lynx was having none of it. She grabbed one of the Blackgaters, Dublin, by the neck. Having uncomfortable flashbacks to her experiences with gang wars, an eavesdropping Spoiler burst through the window, kicking Lynx in the face before she could hurt anybody. Lynx attacked Spoiler, calling her a poser in a cape. Spoiler noted internally that Lynx shouldn't talk, since she was a "xerox" of the last Lynx. Spoiler noted Lynx was faster than her (despite the fact Spoiler dodged her) but that she was smarter. She used two pizza pallets to fend off Lynx holding the metal objects to her throat, causing her to surrender.

The gangs then erupted into fist fighting, and Lynx appeared to flee. But when the two gangs were being bombed by Anarky, and Stephanie was trying to convince them to not fight and to work together, Lynx reappeared and said they should fight and die. However, Steph won the debate, and convinced the gangs to work together and take care of the wounded with the help of the Gotham cops.