Livewire drained all the power in Gotham and murdered a D.W.P. She incurred the wrath of Stephanie, who was on her first night out as the official Batgirl, as a result. Stephanie threw some Batarangs at Livewire, but the villain easily disintegrated them, snapping at Steph that she fought Superman regularly. Stephanie snapped her fingers and sarcastically said, "Oh, you're that Livewire!" Livewire angrily threw several bolts at Steph, but she dodged them and kicked apart a fire hydrant, which released a jetstream that dampened Livewire's powers.

Livewire recovered quickly and threw a bolt of lightning at Steph, but they both discovered that Stephanie's suit was insulated. Livewire asked, "You gonna punch me now?" To which Steph replied "That shouldn't come as too much of a 'shock'," and bought the villain to justice. Babs thought that Steph's pun was a little on the nose.

This all happened in Batgirl (third series) (4).

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