LEvraiMrX is a French fan of Stephanie. Despite the fact the comics he reads about her are not in his native language, he developed a deep love for the character. He has stated that he likes how she makes mistakes and overcomes them.

LEvrai is completely devoted to Steph Fandom. He uses Google Translator to help overcome his language barrier and communicate about Stephanie. He works diligently to contribute summaries, scans, fanart and other images to this wiki, and he has made several companion videos to Stephsvoice live action Spoiler series, as well as his own music video tributes to Steph. He is invaluable.

LEvrai runs a "Stephanie Brown" Facebook page and his youtube account can be found here.

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Truetribute.jpg A very detailed tribute that gives an overview of Steph's life, up to and including her return. "True Tribute to Stephanie Brown/Spoiler (DC Comics)"
By LEvraiMrX

Stephcalendervideo 1st video in a series about Stephanie Brown designed to link the videos by StephsVoice. this video is going after the video of Bad Sunrise, before and after the video where Spoiler is on a motorcycle. Stephanie Brown Calender

Stephcalendervid2 2nd video of the series 'Stephanie Brown Calendar' placed right before the Stephsvoice video where Spoiler takes on two members of a gang. This video was designed to tell a little history of the RazerLeafs. Stephanie Brown Calender 02

Fanmadetrailerthespoiler A nifty little trailer for Stephvoice and LevraiMrX's videos.Fanmade Trailer The Spoiler