June 22nd

Sorry this news is late, but Fabian Nicieza was interviewed about his upcoming run on Robin. He is staying at least two arcs, and expressed interest in staying for as long as possible. He mentioned Spoiler:

"Nicieza’s remarks sound like those of a new ongoing writer for “Robin” as opposed to a fill-in, as he has lots planned for the rest of 2008 and beyond. “Plans aren’t finalized yet, but I know Spoiler will be very heavily involved in the proceedings, though how she plays into things will surprise people,” said Nicieza"

The link to the interview:


Freddie E. Williams is also returning as the ongoing artist on Robin.

Also, yours truly went to the Heroes Convention and asked Dan DiDio about the possibility of a Spoiler miniseries. DiDio said that one was not planned, but she will be a regular in Robin. He noted that Jann Jones liked the character and might push for a mini after she's done with Ambush Bug. Also, when questioned if Spoiler would be involved in Final Crisis, Jimmy Palmiotti said "Maybe."

My full write up of the convention, including a conversation with Jann Jones where she assured me Spoiler was important to the DCU: here

June 16th

According to the September solicitations (here) Fabian Nicieza will be writing Robin #177. It is unknown if he is the permanent writer for Robin or just a temp. It is also unknown what Stephanie's status concerning this issue is, though the summary does say "his place as sidekick and son, boyfriend and best friend thrown into turmoil" alluding to either Stephanie or Zoanne.

June 11th

Gotham Underground came out today. Spoiler was not in it, but she did leave a note to the Penguin saying she was sorry for some reason.

Also, in not so good news, Chuck Dixon (creator of Stephanie, writer of the Robin/Spoiler Special and current writer of Robin) is leaving DC Comics.

Read about it here.

The reason why is unclear, but it certainly leaves Stephanie's status in question. No replacement writer for Robin has been announced yet, or news on who, if anyone, will write the Spoiler miniseries after this development.

June 4th
The Robin/Spoiler Special came out today and it was Steph-tastic!

Some Scans

June 1st:
I just found out this is slated for the release in November:
Writers: Chuck Dixon and Keith Champagne
Artists: Chris Batista, Cam Smith, Rafael Albuquerque, Victor Ibáñez and Derec Donovan
$17.99 U.S., 160 pages