July 31

Okay, anyone who's reading- I know I've been seriously slacking lately, which is why I'm calling for help. Would anyone care to step up and help me co-run this thing- it's easy, I'll teach you, and with the task split between two people, updates would be twice as easy. Of course, the wiki has always been open to any contributors do anything they want. Please email me at if you're interested in a crash course in wiki duties and helping keep the Steph shrine shining!

Meanwhile, as we all know, Batgirl #12 has come to a furious finale- scans and summaries will be up sometime this year. News from the SDCC has Steph getting a car and a dog in Year Two. Check this interview for more info.

Lee Garbett reported on his twitter he'll be off the title after #14. Lets hime his replacement is as good as he was!

The Steph action figure has come out at last, as well as the "Batgirl Rising" trade. Get them!

July 12

The preview for Batgirl #12 is up at CBR. We've hit the one year mark! And it looks like Steph's going to be involved in this Bruce Wayne: The Road Home 8 issue mini. The summary asks "Is Batgirl's career over?" and Bryan Q. Miller will be one of the writers.

July 9th

Lee Garbett has updated his blog with an image from Batgirl #12 and a Supergirl teamup page from Batgirl #14!