"Joker: Last Laugh, Part Three: Lunatic Fringe"
Joker last laugh 3 cover
Joker: Last Laugh #3
October 17, 2001
Written by Scott Beatty, Chuck Dixon
Cover by Klaus Janson, Scott Alan McDaniel
Pencilled by Walter Antonio McDaniel
Inked by Walter Antonio McDaniel
Colored by Tom McCraw
Lettering by Willie Schubert
Edited by Matt Idelson
Previous Issue Batman: Gotham Knights #22
Next Issue Batgirl #21

Oracle: "This gang's getting a little tired of funerals. And that's what you'll be, Steph. A bunch of dead flowers and a memorial case."

The Joker's army of super powered villains has escaped to spread their insanity across the globe. Enter the JLA, but can even the World's Greatest Heroes really hope to contain, let alone stop, the mayhem? Meanwhile, the Joker decides that there's more to life than body counts, and starts planning a legacy that will change the world forever!

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