January 21st

Sigh. Here's scans from Robin # 182. Be prepared for some stupidity, bought to you by Tim (well, really Fabian Nicieza, but you know what I mean).

Scans here

January 20th

An exclusive preview of Robin # 182 on Newsarama includes much Spoiler stuff!

See it here!

Remember, # 182 is out tomorrow!

January 18th

For anyone interested, Tony Daniel's linework for the Battle of the Cowl covers, which include Spoiler:

Line work!

It should be noted I have added a new Cover Roughs section to this site in order to include this peice, as well as some others. A Panels and Layouts section has been added as well. Also a Professional Art section! Contribution would be wonderful, as I have very few examples right now.

January 17

Steph is on the cover of the second issue of Battle for the Cowl!


BATMAN: BATTLE FOR THE COWL #2 Written by Tony Daniel Art by Tony Daniel & Sandu Florea Covers by Tony Daniel

With the destruction of Arkham Asylum and dozens of Gotham City's most lethal villains rioting through the streets, it would seem that Nightwing, Robin, and their allies have their hands full. But they hadn't counted on the return of Batman himself! But is it really The Dark Knight? If so, why is he acting so strangely? And if not, is this a threat that could mean the destruction of Gotham?

This 3-issue series continues to shock and surprise as the battle shifts to the next level with a face-off and ending that will have everybody talking. Who has earned the right to be Batman? Who thinks they deserve it? Robin? Nightwing? Jason Todd? Who will ultimately win the BATTLE FOR THE COWL?

Retailers please note: This issue will ship with two covers. For every 10 copies of the Standard Edition (with a cover by Tony Daniel), retailers may order one copy of the Variant Edition (with a cover by Tony Daniel). Please see the Previews Order Form for more information.

Cass is there too! Frabulous day!

January 3rd

An interview with Fabian Nicieza about the Gotham Gazette series is up on Newsarama. The entire interview is really important to Steph because it reveals things about the structure of the story, for instance, as previously commented by Fabian, it's a two parter. But here's where Steph is mentioned specifically.

NRAMA: Moving to your viewpoint characters - why Harvey, Vicki, Leslie and Stephanie? What unique points of view do they offer on the city and its situation?

...For Stephanie, it's about making the right choice. After the events of Robin, this marks a very important decision on her part as to her future as Spoiler -- if she is going to continue wearing a costume at all, and if so, how will she operate in a Gotham City crimefighting hierarchy that might not appreciate her efforts anymore.

Interview Available here