"Part One"
JLA World Without Grownups Cover 1
JLA: World Without Grown-ups #1
June 3, 1998
Written by Todd Dezago
Cover by Humberto Ramos
Pencilled by Mike McKone, Humberto Ramos
Inked by Wayne Faucher, Mark McKenna
Colored by Digital Chameleon, Jason Wright
Lettering by John E. Workman Jr.
Edited by Wayne Faucher, Mark McKenna, Mike McKone, Humberto Ramos
Previous Issue Robin #54
Next Issue Robin #56

The heroes of the DC Universe find themselves separated by a mysterious force in a miniseries that introduces DC's newest super-team, Young Justice! A boy receives a gift from his father and somehow triggers a force that puts all the 16-years-old-and-younger humans on one Earth and the adults on another. As the JLA searches for an answer to the mystery on one world, Robin, Impulse, Superboy and other heroes try to keep a kid-ruled world from falling apart. Does Billy Batson hold the key to bridging the two worlds?

Summary of Stephness: Stephanie appears in one panel, doing her job as a hero even though all the adults had mysteriously disappeared, saving a young boy who had gone "sailing" in the water from drowning. The narration refers to her by her code name.

Behind the Scenes: This issue was reprinted in 2010 as part of DC Comics Presents: Young Justice #1 (100-Page Spectacular).

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JLA: World Without Grown-ups TPB

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