Jla welcome to the working week cover
JLA: Welcome to the Working Week
June 11, 2003
Written by Patton Oswalt
Cover by Christian Alamy, Patrick Gleason, Dave Stewart
Pencilled by Patrick Gleason
Inked by Christian Alamy
Colored by John Kalisz, J.D. Mettler
Lettering by Ken Lopez
Edited by Peter J. Tomasi, Stephen Wacker
Previous Issue Robin #113
Next Issue Birds of Prey #56

How does the JLA act behind closed doors? You're about to find out! When Marlus Randone stows away on the JLA Watchtower, he relies on his notebook and disposable camera to document the petty squabbles and inside decisions made by the members of the JLA.

Summary of Stephness:  Spoiler attends the "Super Hero" Party on the Justice League Watchtower.  She is seen dancing with Superboy.

Behind the Scenes: This story is set firmly between the “death” of Aquaman during “Our Worlds at War” and the League rejiggering in “The Obsidian Age.” Batman enthusiasts seem to put the time line right after Batman: Gotham Knights #47 and in between Detective Comics #774 and #775 in the story arc “Atonement”.

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