Interviews with Andersen Gabrych Edit

Interview about Gabrych's Batgirl run, including some comments on Spoiler's ghost/hallucination appearances:

Because of "War Games," Batgirl never expected to see her fallen friend Spoiler again, but the character does appear at the end of issue 61 and in issue 62 of "Batgirl" and Gabrych teased that won't be the last readers will be seeing of her. "Spoiler, even though dead, for me is still actually a fairly large supporting character," Gabrych said. "The springboard for me into why she's going on this journey of introspection is the idea that something really actually did matter to her once and she did lose it."

Interesting that Steph was a "large supporting character." Her hallucinations with Cass were pretty decent, despite Gabrych's role in War Crimes.

Interview about "War Crimes":

While Batman was aided by a number of costumed allies during "War Games" he must answer for his alleged "War Crimes" alone. "This is a pure Batman story," Gabrych said. "This is all about Batman coping with the ramifications of one of the largest failures of his career."

Too bad the actual storyline did everything possible to tell Batman, "It wasn't your fault."