The Unofficial Spoiler Website Interviews Tom Lyle (Dectective Comics #s 647-649, co creator of Stephanie)

interview available here

Sean: Tell us a little about the inspiration behind the creation of the Spoiler. Did you ever think she'd be as popular as she is now?

Tom: Well, Chuck writes full script, so the first I saw of Stephanie was in the Detective storyline that introduced her (Tec # 647 was her first appearance). I did sketches based on the story and sent them to DC. They liked the costume. I liked her from the beginning since I (and I think Chuck does as well) see her as the female counterpart to Robin. I never thought that she'd be as popular as she is, but I'm very pleased. I wish that DC would give her her own book since Chuck and I own a piece of her. I wish they'd at least make an action figure out of her.

Sean: Which comics or characters would you most like to have a chance to do?

Tom: I would love to write and draw whatever future projects I do. I would like to do Daredevil, Huntress, Spoiler, Captain America, Iron Man, and many others. Warlock is still at the top of my list right now since I have already invested a lot of time and emotion in him.