The Stephanie Brown Robin, sadly in keeping with her comics appearance, connects to some rather sad events in Steph's history.

"War Games: When Robin is KO'd, remove an action token from each friendly character" - seems very much like a mechanic designed to make everyone protect Robin, which seems a bit "damsel in distress". Despite the "War Games" name, that effect doesn't connect very well to how the Batfamily reacted to Steph's death.

The two abilities "Here comes" and "the Girl Wonder!" are a nice reference, though they're merely a running shot and a leap/climb ability.

"A Few Tricks I Learned From Batman", "I've Always Wanted to Do That", and "I'll Prove Myself" - fairly generic in terms of a Robin

"I'm Just Trying to Help..." and "...But Instead I Started a Gang War" pretty well summarizes the message of the Batman 12-Cent Adventure.