"Book Five: Pieces of the Puzzle"
Gotham under- 001
Gotham Underground #5
February 13, 2008
Written by Frank Tieri
Cover by J. Calafiore
Pencilled by J. Calafiore
Inked by Jack Purcell
Colored by Brian Reber
Lettering by Travis Lanham
Edited by Jeanine Schaefer, Mike Marts
Previous Issue Gotham Underground #4
Next Issue Robin #171

A special flashback tale featuring the secret origin of Johnny Stitches — the mysterious member of Intergang who's recently made his presence felt in Gotham. Additionally, secrets surrounding Penguin's underground railroad and the construction of his "gang army" are revealed!

Summary of Stephness: In a flashback to five weeks prior to the current events, Penguin has rallied an army of homeless urchins in order to retake Gotham City from Tobias Whale. He speaks to one in particular, a girl in a crop top with the numbers "3 1 2" stenciled on it and a blank puzzle piece obscuring her head (the pages are done in a puzzle motif). He tells her he noticed that she is more well trained and resourceful than the others. Because of this, he mysteriously offers her a Spoiler costume.

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Batman: Gotham Underground TPB

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