"Book Three: Fancy Meeting You Here..."
Gotham underground (49c)
Gotham Underground #3
December 16, 2007
Written by Frank Tieri
Cover by J. Calafiore
Pencilled by J. Calafiore
Inked by Jack Purcell
Colored by Brian Reber
Lettering by Randy Gentile
Edited by Jeanine Schaefer, Mike Marts
Previous Issue Gotham Underground #2
Next Issue Robin #170

Tim: "And is can't be...SPOILER?! "

This issue has it all: Scarecrow confronts Penguin! The Riddler reveals Nightwing's secret! A surprise attack on the Iceberg Lounge! Matches Malone vs. Mr. Zsasz — to the death! All this plus guest appearances by Robin, Oracle and the Ventriloquist!

Summary of Stephness: Tim and Barbara are in the Oracle-lair, when Babs's security system picks up some sound and motion. No sooner does this happen than does Tim gets punched in the face. Babs tries to activate security protocol, but is knocked out of her chair. Tim tries to fight his invisible opponent but is easily subdued. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Wildcat appears and punches out the invisible attacker who, unconscious is revealed to be...SPOILER!

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