Girl-Wonder is a site dedicated to the betterment of the treatment of women in comics that started thanks to Stephanie's demise. Mary Borsellino started the site shortly after the death. She objected to the sexualization of Stephanie when she was tortured, the "Women in Refrigerators" style of her death, the way she wasn't acknowledged as Robin by Dan DiDio, and how she had not gotten her own memorial case in the Batcave like Jason Todd, the male deceased Robin, had. The site pointed out the fact that Stephanie, as the first female Robin, was a symbol of female characters in comics. And considering how she suffered character assassination, graphic torture scenes, WiR style death, and then was completely forgotten and downplayed in universe, she seemed to also be a symbol for how female characters were mistreated in comics.

Mary gathered several contributors. The group started Project Girl Wonder, a letter campaign for Stephanie to get a memorial case and some respect.

The Project Girl Wonder flourished, giving Stephanie more exposure than ever over the Internet. Many members of GW would go to comic conventions and ask for a case at panels. An archive of the Project Girl Wonder discussion and work is here.

Girl Wonder's efforts earned them a spot in a Mother Jones Magazine Article and other media attention.

The Project certainly got DC's attention- they brought Stephanie back and gave her a case and made sure that Batman gave a very pointed explanation about why she'd never had a case before. The founders of the site made official statements approving this, and shut the project down. The site still exists to continue to discuss diversity in comics and treatment of minority and female characters. The site also has a map of female-friendly comics stores and showcases its fights against sexual harassment at comic conventions. Not only that, there's a project to use comics in education. It hosts several webcomics and blogs as well.

Viva la Girl Wonder!