Had to happen eventually. Let's collect Steph fanfiction here! NC-17 is not allowed. Neither is trollfic, smut/lemons, or anything that glorifies disgusting sexist tropes. You should know what I'm talking about. This is fic by Steph fans for Steph fans is what I'm sayin, and someone under eighteen should be able to read it without having to bleach their eyeballs.


Some of it's old, proceed at with caution for mediocre quality. Listed chronologically, so the worst ones would be at the beginning.

Back in the Fold- Very old, done pre-Robin #174 wh[ile the author was anxiously awaiting Steph's return. A super sappy look at what Steph and Cass's reunion (which we never got to see in actuality, grrr) may have been like].

Prized Possessions- A oneshot where Steph rescues Tim. Written shortly after Robin #174. IT IS NOT VERY GOOD AT ALL.

Dinner with the Drake Clan- The tale of how Steph first met Tim's Dad and Dana on an eventful first date. Pure adventure-y fluff.

Killing Time (from DCU oneshots)- Steph meets Kate Spencer. A short ficlet done for charity.

Pass/Fail (from DCU oneshots)- Cass and Steph mentor Misfit. A short ficlet done for charity.

Sage Advice- Steph isn't IN this one, but she figures heavily into the conversation. Damian tracks down Cassandra to ask her why she chose Stephanie as a successor.

Crisis of Infinite Batgirls- A work in progress. Stephanie is dragged along by a time traveling villain and ends ups having to team up with Cassandra and Barbara of the past to stop him. On the way, she and they learn about the truth behind Batgirl.


Harrierverse- Everyone should check this stuff out. Scroll to the bottom for the first chapter- it's an AU where the Birds of Prey took Steph under their wing after she was fired as Robin and it's fabulous.