Even Robins was founded by Mary Borsellino as tribute to all the "Even Robins"- which is to say, the second and fourth people to serve as Robin to Batman in various universes.

These Robins are Jason Todd (both Pre and Post Crisis) who was the second Robin in regular DC Continuity, Stephanie Brown, who was the fourth Robin, and animated Tim Drake, who in the DCAU was the second Robin to serve.

There emerges a pattern in the three Robins- they all suffer major tragedy and they are all considered to have "failed" as Robins. They also all come from lower class backgrounds and were more rebellious against Batman.

The website contained profiles and histories on each of the characters, as well a commissions of the characters from conventions, promotional art, clean covers, comic scans, cover art, and interviews about the characters. The website also had a thriving fanart and fan fiction community.

Sadly, the website appears to have been hacked not once, but twice. The first time it was hacked, it came back up temporarily, but the second time it went down permanently.

However, even_robins lives on in this wiki- I used a lot of the interviews, art and info I had saved from that site all around here. It will never die!

The Wayback Machine has a bit of a site archive for those who want a look.

-This website has lots of cool stuff on not only Stephanie (Robin IV), but also Jason Todd, Pre-Crisis Jason Todd and animated Tim Drake.

Update: EVEN ROBINS IS BACK! See it!