Nguyen in 2011, around the time he became the regular artist for Batgirl (wikipedia)

Welcome Back Steph

In 2014, when Stephanie appeared for the first time in New 52 continuity, Nguyen posted this picture titled "Welcome Back, Stephanie" (deviantart)

American artist who was the regular artist at the end of Bryan Q. Miller's Batgirl run, and has championed Stephanie in his own comic, Batman Li'l Gotham (co-created with frequent writer/inker collaborator Derek Fridolfs) and in drawings on his blog. Was selected by Scott Snyder to help redesign Steph's Spoiler costume as part of the Batman Eternal weekly comic, and drew the preview comic for Batman #28, the first in-continuity appearance of Steph in the New 52.

You can Nguyen on tumblr and deviantart .