Batmen Eternal, part four
Tec 979 cover
Detective Comics #979
April 25, 2018
Written by James Tynion IV
Cover by Alvaro Martinez
Interior Art by Philippe Briones
Colored by John Kalisz
Lettering by Sal Cipriano
Edited by Dave Wielgosz, Chris Conroy, Jamie S. Rich
Previous Issue Detective Comics #974
Next Issue Batman and the Signal #3
“BATMAN ETERNAL” part four! Ulysses Armstrong knows everything there is to know about Tim Drake’s future—including every inevitable step he’ll take on the road to becoming a dark version of himself! Unfortunately, Ulysses is perfectly happy to take everything from him...and use it to give birth to an unstoppable menace!

Summary of Stephness: As Tim fights the General's nanobot OMAC takeover of his body, he sees dark visions of the future flash before his eyes, including a bloody image of a dead or dying future Spoiler.

At the end of the issue, as Batman desperately seeks a way to break through to OMAC Tim, he asks Cassandra to take him to Steph, as he knows Cass has been sneaking out of the Manor at night to keep track of Steph. Cass leads Bruce to Steph, who tells them that she used to get jealous when Bruce would beg Tim to help. She says she needs to hear it in his voice, how bad it is. Batman says that it's Tim, and he needs her help. Downing a can of grape soda, Steph resigns herself to the task at hand.

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