Fall of the Batmen, Finale
Tec 973 cover-0
Detective Comics #973
January 24, 2018
Written by James Tynion IV
Cover by Guillem March
Pencilled by Jesus Merino
Colored by Jason Wright
Lettering by Sal Cipriano
Edited by Dave Wielgosz, Chris Conroy, Brian Cunningham
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Next Issue Detective Comics #974
“FALL OF THE BATMEN” finale! With the team in disarray and facing their most powerful adversary yet, Batwoman must make a critical battlefield choice—one with the power to shatter everything Batman has built! You’ll be talking about this issue for years to come!

Summary of Stephness: When Clayface smashes the Belfry, giving Tim a concussion, Batman gives Steph the lead in getting Tim and Cass to Monstertown to get the cure for Clayface. When Anarky shows up, she embraces him, as he's knocked out and restrained the First Victim and helped the rioters the Victim Syndicate deceived to escape Clayface's rampage. She tells Lonnie she's where she belongs, instead of joining him in his quest for, well, anarchy.

Alternate cover also features Steph!

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Detective Comics: Fall of the Batmen (Vol. 6) TPB

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