Fall of the Batmen, part three
Tec 971 cover
Detective Comics #971
December 27, 2017
Written by James Tynion IV
Cover by Guillem March
Pencilled by Miguel Mendonca
Inked by Diana Egea
Colored by Jason Wright
Lettering by Sal Cipriano
Edited by Dave Wielgosz, Chris Conroy, Brian Cunningham
Previous Issue Batgirl and The Birds of Prey #17
Next Issue Detective Comics #972
“FALL OF THE BATMEN” part three! With the Victim Syndicate on the move and Clayface on the edge, the team faces a crossroads—but Batwoman believes she knows the way forward! The trick is...does Batman agree?

Summary of Stephness: As Batman and the team evaluates the Victim Syndicate's attack, Steph gives her perspective, and also reveals that her phone was stolen by the Syndicate and used to plan this attack. Tim is angry with her sympathy for the Syndicate's philosophy (though not their actions), but she's angry in turn when Batwoman reveals that Tim reached out to the Colony to explore a possible alliance.

As Batman goes into Arkham alone, Steph, Tim, and Cass view the Victim Syndicate-fomented protests from rooftops. Steph tries to get Tim to slow down and stop trying to control everything, and they realize that the protests are all over pipes that connect to Arkham's sewage system.

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Detective Comics: Fall of the Batmen (Vol. 6) TPB

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