963 cover
Detective Comics #963
August 23, 2017
Written by James Tynion IV, Christopher Sebela
Cover by Yasmine Putri
Interior Art by Carmen Carnero
Colored by Ulises Arredla, Kelly Fitzpatrick
Lettering by Sal Cipriano
Edited by Andrew Marino, Chris Conroy
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“LONGER CHAINS” part one! Having exiled herself from Batman’s world, Spoiler has nearly destroyed herself trying to expose the corruption of Gotham City’s vigilantes. Fortunately for her, help has arrived…but unfortunately for the city, it’s in the form of the mysterious Anarky! Is he truly on the side of the people, or is he a dangerous lunatic?

Summary of Stephness: Then - Steph and Tim eat burgers on rooftops, talking about their future. Tim wants to save the world in a large way, while Steph wants to save the world one person at a time. Tim says he wants to do all of their plans together.

But, now, in the present, Steph is exploring Monstertown, the devastated area of Gotham left after the Night of the Monster Men. She dodges patrols of Argus soldiers, using her drones to create diversionary explosions. She meets up with Anarky, and demands to be included in his plan beyond just being a sidekick. Before Lonnie can answer, they are attacked by Argus soldiers. Steph holds her own, but Lonnie has rigged the house with traps, and takes almost all of the troops down brutally, monologueing the whole time. Impressed, Steph follows him into the secret failed subway tunnels, surprising Lonnie by knowing their history, and Lonnie finally takes his mask off to show Steph he trusts her. Batman follows the pair unseen as they come upon Lonnie's secret camp with many fellow revolutionaries under the heart of Monstertown.

Behind the Scenes: This two-part arc was originally titled "Longer Chains," but that was changed to "Utopia/Distopia".

Christopher Sebela tweeted these images by Carmen Carnero:



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Digital Comic Book

Detective Comics: A Lonely Place of Living (Vol. 5) TPB

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