"The Wrath of Spoiler"
Tec 957 lettered cover
Detective Comics #957
May 24, 2017
Written by Christopher Sebela, James Tynion IV, Special Thanks to Genevieve Valentine
Cover by Eddy Barrows
Pencilled by Carmen Carnero
Inked by Karl Story, Richard Friend, Carmen Carnero
Colored by Javier Mena
Lettering by Sal Cipriano
Edited by Dave Wielgosz, Chris Conry, Mark Doyle
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“The Wrath Of Spoiler”! Stephanie Brown wants nothing more than to save Gotham City from the epidemic of costumed vigilantes and madmen that regularly tear the city apart. But before she can try to stop them, she must face the challenge of one in particular: the insane idealogue the Wrath is back, and Stephanie knows what he has planned—but she refuses to let Batman risk more lives to stop him. That means it’s all on her…and a very unlikely ally!

Summary of Stephness: Steph opens, telling us how things work in Gotham. The GCPD turns on the Batsignal, Batman stops the crime, everything's fine - except for those caught in the crossfire. However, she plans to spoil that pattern. Disabling the Batsignal, and dodging Harvey Bullock, she heads off to stop the monologue happy villain the Wrath and his gang of Scorns, who have taken over the GNN building to broadcast a challenge to Batman. However, Steph's already cut the transmission. As Wrath sends out Scorns to get the signal back up, she takes them all out, then hacks one of their helmets to broadcast her recorded clips of Batman's voice. Lured by the promise of fame in taking down the Batman, Wrath is taken down as Steph overloads his suit, stunning him, then slams him over with a metal door.

Bullock arrives and tries to arrest Spoiler, recognizing her as the Batsignal saboteur, but Steph gives him a coupon for a donut, then disappears with a smoke bomb. Feeling satisfied at her victory, even if she had to cheat by using vigilante methods to prove the dangers of vigilantes, she is surprised by the masked Anarky, who wants to join her in her mission...

Behind the Scenes: Artist Carmen Carnero also drew most of Steph's scenes in Detective Comics #945.

Writer and artist Christopher Sebela tweeted that he co-wrote the issue:

James Tynion tweeted an explanation for the writing situation:

"Also: just to clear it up - Due to a schedule issue on the part of me and DC, Genevieve had to bow out of this week's TEC issue. But, @xtop stepped up to the plate and delivered a GREAT Spoiler issue, with the awesome@CarmenCarnero! Can't wait for you all to read it!"

Sebela also posted: "I’m really happy with the issue and that I got to write a spoiler centric story was pretty exciting."

Carnero posted some linework on her twitter:

Tec sketch
Tec inks

Tynion confirmed that Anarky is Lonnie Machin (, not Sam Young. Steph met Lonnie in Detective Comics: Endgame.

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Detective Comics: Deus Ex Macina (Vol. 4) TPB

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