"The Victim Syndicate - Part Two: Payback"
Tec 944 cover image letters
Detective Comics #944
November 9, 2016
Written by James Tynion IV
Cover by Alvaro Martinez, Raul Fernandez and Brad Anderson
Pencilled by Eddy Barrows
Inked by Eber Ferreira
Colored by Adriano Lucas
Lettering by Marilyn Patrizio
Edited by Chris Conroy, Dave Wielgosz and Mark Doyle
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Next Issue Nightwing #9

Dr. Thompkins: "'re still throwing children into dangerous situations."

The mysterious First Victim has launched an assault on Batman and his team, forcing them to fight an enemy they know nothing about, who seems to have the support of an entire network of strange new foes!

Summary of Stephness: In the parking garage, Steph has to restrain Harper even more from hugging Luke's flying car, but they are interrupted by Batwoman's distress call and the car's own response to Luke's call for his suit drones.

Suited up, Spoiler and Orphan take down a few of the members of the syndicate under Batman's smoke cover. However, the First Victim forces Batman's hand, forcing him to reveal the entire team, then uses Steph as an example by ordering Mr. Noxious to incapacitate her with poison. Batman is very distressed at her attack, and has Harper and Clayface take her out.

At Leslie's clinic, Batman tries to see Steph, but Leslie is furious that he's put yet more children at risk in his crusade. In her room, Steph is visited by the horrifying First Victim.

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Digital Comic Book
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