"Night of the Monster Men - Part 3: Riot at Blackgate"
DC 941 cover
Detective Comics #941
September 28, 2016
Written by Steve Orlando and James Tynion IV
Cover by Yanick Paquette and Nathan Fairbairn
Interior Art by Andy MacDonald
Colored by John Rauch
Lettering by Marilyn Patrizio
Edited by Chris Conroy, Dave Wielgosz and Mark Doyle
Previous Issue Nightwing #5
Next Issue Batman #8

Batwoman to Batman: "We trained Spoiler for this. You and I can't be everywhere."

Night of the Monster Men: Part Three - Batman and Batwoman take to the streets in a motorcycle death race against a monster that transforms faster than either of them can keep up! And at Blackgate Prison, something truly terrifying is growing in the prison’s darkest depths… and its eggs are hatching!

Summary of Stephness: As communication between the team members breaks down, Steph tries to keep order. After someone catchily calls her "some purple urbex hobbyist," she sees the way the tide is turning against the police and Cass, and takes charge. She spreads her forces to maximize crowd control, and though Batman panics because he can't direct or help his team, Batwoman supports Steph as field leader, telling Bruce that she has been well trained for this type of situation.

Steph uses a net gadget to give herself time to think. Realizing that the sludge covering people is causing the madness, and with an insight from Cass, plans to disrupt the hive mind effect by causing temperature increase with flares.

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