"Rise of the Batmen - Part Seven: The Red Badge of Courage"
DC 940 cover
Detective Comics #940
September 14, 2016
Written by James Tynion IV
Cover by Eddy Barrows
Pencilled by Eddy Barrows
Inked by Eber Ferreira
Colored by Adriano Lucas
Lettering by Marilyn Patrizio
Edited by Chris Conroy, Dave Wielgosz and Mark Doyle
Previous Issue Detective Comics #939
Next Issue Teen Titans #24

Tim: "I love you, Steph...Goodbye."

This epic concludes with a battle against the Colony that will change Batman’s world forever—and in a way you’d never expect! Whether they win or lose, they’ve already lost…

Summary of Stephness: Tim tells Steph he loves her as he faces the hundreds of drones, just before they obliterate him. She is distraught. Batman later finds her at her apartment, and she shows him Tim's acceptance letter to Ivy University. The two share and grieving hug.

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Digital Comic Book
Detective Comics: Rise of the Batmen (Vol. 1) TPB

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