"Let the Puzzlement Fit the Crime"
Detective Comics -648 pg00
Detective Comics #648
July 7, 1992
Written by Chuck Dixon
Cover by Matt Wagner
Pencilled by Tom Lyle
Inked by Scott Hanna
Colored by Adrienne Roy
Lettering by John Costanza
Edited by Scott Peterson, Denny O'Neil
Previous Issue Detective Comics #647
Next Issue Detective Comics #649
Batman: "What do you call yourself?"
Spoiler: "Well...the Spoiler."
Batman: "I like that."

Batman and Robin must figure out who is leaving clues and where they point. The Cluemaster wants to know the same thing...and doesn't care who he has to kill in order to find out.

Summary of Stephness: Stephanie's still busy sending clues to the police, including a spray painted message of "Let the Puzzlement Fit The Crime" (with water-based paint of course). Batman and Robin, meanwhile, still believe it's the Cluemaster sending these notes. While the Cluemaster fakes his death with a disguised corpse strapped to explosives (unbeknownst to Batman and Robin, who are watching the situation from above and deciding to let the police handle the "easy bust"), Robin (Tim Drake) notices a figure scaling the rooftops and goes after it. He tackles Spoiler and pulls off the mask, and is surprised when he sees the attractive blonde girl under it, and even more surprised when she clocks him in the face with a brick and runs away. Tim stutters, "Wow," after the retreating girl, clearly impressed.

He quickly goes about trying to discover her connection to the Cluemaster. He discovers an "Agnes Bellinger" visited Arthur Brown in prison and decides her address might very well lead him to the girl who gave him a black eye.

He's proven right when he sees Steph arriving at the house on her motorcycle, dressed in a uniform that indicates she had been working at a fast food restaurant. Tim returns in his Robin costume, and waiting in a tree, eventually spots Steph arriving home again in her Spoiler costume.

He leaps down onto the back of her bike, which startles her so much she loses control of it and crashed into a bush. They are both flung to the ground and Stephanie is less than thrilled at Tim discovering her secret ID. Tim tells her he knows she is Arthur Brown's daughter and she quickly disabuses him of the notion that she's helping her Dad in any way. She tells Tim she's trying to make sure he goes to jail for his crimes. Tim voices aloud, "Wow. You're the one who came up with the clues!" to which Stephanie replies sarcastically, "Boy, you are a great detective, Einstein."

Tim lets her know her father's probably alive, and Stephanie declares she's going to stop him, and she know the location of his next heist. Tim hops on the back of her bike, teasing her about one of her clues: "A chopping mall?" and Steph replies grumpily, "All I inherited was his hair, Birdboy."

Tim and Steph meet up with Batman, who asks her name. She tells him, "The Spoiler" and he replies, "I like that." Steph's superhero name: Bat-approved!

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