Note: Since the editors had Crystal keep Arthur's last name for some crazy reason even though she's most certainly separated from him at the very least, we are unsure what her maiden name is. However, Crystal's name was originally supposed to be Agnes Bellinger,(See Detective Comics (648)), so we're going to assume that's "Uncle Dave's" last name. Dave Bellinger is Crystal Brown's brother who appeared in Batman Chronicles (22). He arrived at the Brown residence with a crocodile plush for Steph. Stephanie immediately suspected him of being involved in criminal activities, though her mother harbored no suspicions. A little detective work uncovered that Dave had a little too much dough and an ape mask for armed robberies. Steph surmised that he must be packing heat as well. Steph was nearly caught taking out her Spoiler costume by Dave, who proceeded to hit on her. Disgusted, Steph made sure to knock Dave into the wall as she plowed by him. Later she went out for the first time as Spoiler since she'd had her baby and took down Dave and his masked cohorts. She went home and told her Mom that Dave had to leave. In reality, of course, he was in jail, though Stephanie made sure to send him the crocodile plush and a note saying, "Thinking of You- Stephanie" back to his cell.