"Gathered from all Sides"
Catwoman 042 (2015) (Digital-Empire)-000
Catwoman #42
July 8, 2015
Written by Genevieve Valentine
Cover by Kevin Wada, Ben Caldwell varaint
Interior Art by David Messina
Colored by Lee Loughridge
Lettering by Travis Lanham
Edited by Rebecca Taylor, Mark Doyle
Previous Issue Detective Comics: Endgame #1
Next Issue Batgirl Annual #3
Everything Selina Kyle accomplished as both crime boss and Catwoman is about to be ruined when Stephanie Brown makes a guest appearance!

Summary of Stephness: As Selina manages running the Calabrese crime family, secret machinations with the Penguin, a war with Black Mask, and the disappearance of Batman, she follows up a lead in the death of P.I. Bill Turner, who was tracking costumed vigilantes. While doing so, she spots a familiar purple cape on a rooftop behind the Coffee Cup Diner. She chases the cape down, discovering that Stephanie Brown, the Spoiler, is following up on Turner's investigations as well. However, Spoiler demands Selina teach her, saying that she owes her after the events of Batman Eternal #43.

Selina is impressed with her potential, but doesn't want someone else looking to her for anything, and thus knocks Steph out after an intense fight. Even wielding a three-part staff, Steph takes a flying punch to the face and passes out on the rooftop, as Selina somersaults off, thinking that Spoiler's chasing down Bill Turner's leads indicates they are worth following.

Steph wakes up to see another Catwoman. Confused, she wonders if the first Catwoman hit her so hard she's seeing double. Eiko replies that, "For a natural fighter, some of your instincts aren't great." She then invites Steph to study under her as she removes her goggles, revealing her identity.

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Behind the Scenes: Valentine commented on Steph's appearance in an interview. She also responded to some tweets about her appearance, making puns about not giving away Spoilers.

Valentine also posted a blog entry with some insights into the characters:

"In “Gathered From All Sides,” Selina needs to be Catwoman, Spoiler just needs A Catwoman, and their reunion goes just about as well as you could expect for two people who last met when one of them kidnapped the other one."

"It’s been a blast writing Stephanie, especially given their beautifully awful setup in Batman Eternal, in which Selina regrets nothing and Stephanie is ready to fight her despite being perfectly aware she’s going to get her ass handed to her. She does find a mentor (you’ll have to see who), and is going to have an arc of her own as the walls close in, but this was exactly the intro we wanted for her: pissed, determined, and doomed to learn things the hard way."

"I remain utterly charmed with that panel of poor, poor Steph, and her totally comic-book dismissal. (Don’t worry, she doesn’t take it lying down for long.)"

She also tweeted on release day: "So fun to write Stephanie; a scrapper's willingness to fight it out, a self-made orphan's need to prove stuff, out to learn the hard way."

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