"War Games: Act 3, Part 7: Multiple Fronts"
Catwoman 36 cover TN
Catwoman #36
October 27, 2004
Written by Ed Brubaker
Cover by Paul Gulacy, Jimmy Palmiotti, Laurie J. Kronenberg
Pencilled by Paul Gulacy
Inked by Jimmy Palmiotti
Colored by Laurie J. Kronenberg
Lettering by Clem Robins
Edited by Nachie Castro, Matt Idelson
Previous Issue Batman: Gotham Knights #58
Next Issue Batman #633

"War Games," Act 3, Part 7 of 8! The penultimate chapter of Gotham's darkest period finds Batman in conflict with Commissioner Akins, the players ready for the final battle, and Catwoman squaring off one last time against Zeiss, the man who left her for dead!

Summary of Stephness: Catwoman is talking to herself on the fact the Spoiler is the reason Gotham is burning while searching for her and she has a bad feeling on finding Stephanie.

Other Formats/Collected In:
Digital Comic Book
Batman: War Games Vol. 3 TPB
Batman: War Games, Book Two TPB
Catwoman: Under Pressure, Vol. 3 TPB

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