"War Games: Act 1, Part 7: Cold Hard Facts"
Catwoman v2 -34 (Hunter Rose - DCP) pg00
Catwoman #34
August 25, 2004
Written by Ed Brubaker
Cover by Paul Gulacy
Pencilled by Paul Gulacy
Inked by Jimmy Palmiotti
Colored by Laurie Kronenberg
Lettering by Clem Robins
Edited by Nachie Castro, Matt Idelson
Previous Issue Batgirl #55
Next Issue Detective Comics #798

The battle to control Gotham spills into the East End when Mr. Freeze targets the Lucky Hand Triad. But Catwoman's not about to hand it over to the underworld without a fight!

Summary of Stephness: Catwoman is in a building fighting Mr. Freeze. The battle ends with victory for Catwoman. When she leaves the building, she sees a purple silhouette who flees and Selina pursues; a few minutes later, she sees it's Spoiler who wants to escape everyone. Though Selina recalls that Spoiler was Robin, and is impressed at Steph's skill, Stephanie falls in tears and blame herself for causing everything happening in Gotham City. Selina proposes to remove the young woman to her apartment in her distress: Stephanie explains why she had done it and explains that the plan has degenerated because she lacked a "Matches" Malone who didn't show up, which astonishes Selina since that's supposed to be Bruce Wayne, and afterward she sees the Bat-signal.

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