"The Death of Oracle Conclusion: The Gristle and the Ghostly"
Birds of Prey 10 pg 01
Birds of Prey #10
March 9, 2011
Written by Gail Simone
Cover by Stanley Lau
Interior Art by Inaki Miranda
Colored by Nei Ruffino
Lettering by Swands
Edited by Katie Kubert, Janelle Siegel

This is it! The astonishing conclusion to "The Death of Oracle," featuring nearly everyone whose life has been touched by Oracle – villain and hero! How will the DCU operate without its premier infojock, and how will this event affect the Birds of Prey? All this, plus a fan-favorite operative works with the Birds for the first time ever!

Summary of Stephness: After the "death" of Oracle goes down (literally, in a helicopter), Steph asks the obvious question: are you leaving all these heros in the lurch? Oracle responds that someone will pick up the slack, but the immediate Bat family, including Batgirl (and Misfit, who is irked that Steph chose purple for her uniform - though Steph totally claimed purple first) will the ones who know Oracle is alive.

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