"The Battle Within, Part Two: The Long Count"
Birds of Prey 082 (2005) (digital-Empire) 001
Birds of Prey #82
May 18, 2005
Written by Gail Simone
Cover by Adriana Melo, Will Conrad
Pencilled by Joe Bennett
Inked by Jack Jadson
Colored by Hi-Fi Design
Lettering by Jared K. Fletcher
Edited by Rachel Gluckstern, Joan Hilty
Previous Issue Batgirl #62
Next Issue Batgirl #67

Everyone plays, no one quits! Black Canary and special guest WIldcat fight for their lives in southeast Asia, while Oracle faces the malignancy growing within her own body! And back in the states, Helena gambles everything in facing her past.

Summary of Stephness: Faced with implacable opponents in the twelve Silk brothers, and fearing for her dear friend and mentor Ted Grant's life, Dinah reflects: "It's been a rotten year for our community. Poor, lovely, sweet Sue. The endlessly brave and heartbreakingly hopeful Spoiler. The thought of Ted..." Clearly, though she didn't mentor Steph for long, the events of War Games have left a mark.

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Digital Comic Book
Birds of Prey: The Battle Within TPB

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