"Death in the Pot"
Batman & Robin Eternal (2015-) 004-000
Batman & Robin Eternal #4
October 28, 2015
Written by Steve Orlando
Cover by Paul Pelletier, Tony Kordos, Tomeu Morey
Pencilled by Scot Eaton
Inked by Wayne Faucher
Colored by Gabe Eltaeb
Lettering by Saida Temofonte
Edited by Dave Wielgosz, Chris Conroy, Mark Doyle
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Next Issue Batman and Robin Eternal #23

Mother's sleeper agents are after Bruce Wayne! And one of those sleeper agents might be right by Grayson's side!

Summary of Stephness: As Harper follow Cassandra into the Batcave, Steph attempts to bring Harper back through their comms. She doesn't trust Cassandra because of the conflict between Cassandra and the Orphan that left Harper gravely injured, and recommends that Harper taze her. When Harper ignores her and follows Cass, Steph flips a table, then tells Red Robin what happened. When Tim says that they (meaning the Robins) need to reduce her role in the field, she protests that punching isn't everything. When Jason takes a cheap shot, she backtracks, saying it might be nice to punch Tim and Jason right now.

Batman & Robin Eternal (2015-) 004-018

Later, she and Jason argue over what to do, Steph being in favor of following Harper to make sure she's alright, unfortunately saying some unkind things about Cassandra in the process.

Behind the Scenes: Stephanie's comment about Cassandra in the last page caused a lot of comments. When this wiki reached out to the writer, Steve Orlando, on twitter, he clarified his thought process behind her statements: "the only thing Cassandra has been taught to do is fight and kill."[1] "Steph has only SEEN Cassandra as someone who attacks and is on par with Orphan."[2] "I think the natural progression is for characters, Stephanie included, to learn more about each other. They don't start out with a perfect understanding when they meet (just like people in real life). You have to spend time with someone to know them."[3][4]

Responding to another commentator on Twitter, Orlando said of Stephanie's run as Batgirl: "love that Batgirl as well-she progressed a long way into that role, and she will get there even if she's Spoiler."[5]

The issue was colored by Gabe Eltaeb, who also colored for David Lafuente in the Batgirl Annual #3 Stephanie Brown section.


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