"Seeing Red"
Batman & Robin Eternal (2015-) 003-000
Batman & Robin Eternal #3
October 21, 2015
Written by Tim Seeley
Cover by Tony S. Daniel, Tomeu Morey
Pencilled by Paul Pelletier, Scot Eaton
Inked by Tony Kordos, Marc Deering, Wayne Faucher
Colored by Rain Beredo
Lettering by A Larger World Studios' Joshua Cozine, Troy Peteri
Edited by Dave Wielgosz, Chris Conroy, Mark Doyle
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Cassandra Cain is Grayson's only lead in solving the mystery of Mother…but will he be able to interrogate her before Red Hood takes her out? In the past, Batman must save Robin from a fear toxin-induced panic!

Summary of Stephness: Steph supports Cass after her battle with Jason. Later, when they've all gone to the Batcave to get Harper medical attention, she tells Harper, "This is Batman's hideout, Harper, or I guess it was. Not the way you hoped to see it, I know. Just relax. Grayson says this table has put Batman back together almost as many times as his butler has...he has a butler. Bat-butler. Batler."

Batman & Robin Eternal (2015-) 003-007

As Dick rushes off to save Bruce, Steph asks, "Is he always like that?"

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