"All Out"
Batman & Robin Eternal (2015-) 024-000
Batman and Robin Eternal #24
March 16, 2016
Written by Steve Orlando
Cover by Alvaro Martinez
Pencilled by Alvaro Martinez
Inked by Raul Fernandez
Colored by John Kalisz, Gabe Eltaeb
Lettering by Marilyn Patrizio
Edited by Dave Wilgoz, Chris Conroy, Mark Doyle
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The Bat-team scatters across the globe to take on Mother's agents. Dick Grayson takes the fight right to Mother in order to stop her and save Bluebird and Cassandra Cain. But does he stand a chance against one of Mother's most powerful creations?

Summary of Stephness: After Spyral's agents are killed by Mother's brainwashed children in Tokyo, Midnighter tags Steph in to hold the line, and she immediately takes on and fights strongly against one of Mother's Orphan super agents, saying that it's not size that wins fights.

Behind the Scenes: We are now clearly into the final battle as previewed in Batman: Endgame Special Edition, where Steph, as predicted, is fighting in Tokyo after Spyral's agents fail to hold.

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Batman & Robin Eternal (2015-) 024-016
Batman & Robin Eternal (2015-) 024-017
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